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Hyderabad skyline to witness rapid transformation, multiple skyscrapers proposed over 50 floors

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

There was a time when a building with 15 floors was considered as a benchmark for highrises in the city. Fast forward to 2021 and projects over 40 floors have become the norm with a few proposals even breaking into the coveted 50-floor category.

SAS Crown, the tallest project under construction in South India at 58 floors & 228m

It is very likely that by 2026, Hyderabad will be in the third position for the number of skyscrapers in the country, just behind Mumbai & Delhi NCR.

As of October 2021, there are at least 20 projects with 42 skyscrapers (Height over 150 metres) under various stages of approvals & execution. Given that most Covid 19 restrictions imposed during the second wave have been lifted, more proposals are anticipated in the coming months.

Clockwise : My Home Life Hub, HRI Capital 45, SAS iTower & DSR The Twins

Why the sudden skyscraper boom?

While there are many factors at play, the short answer is an increase in demand for ultra-luxury residential projects. Covid 19 pandemic also played a role in accelerating this trend since buyers have been preferring large-sized flats compared to before, as observed by several builders & analysts. A newspaper headline from last year reflecting the sentiment :

Other factors include prime land running out fast in much sought-after localities like Puppalaguda & Kokapet along the IT corridor.

Just residential?

While residential seems to be currently dominating the proposals, there are still a handful of proposals in the commercial segment, the tallest of which is a 39 floors - 170 metre proposal called Thrive by Urbanwoods. The city was all set to witness several landmarks in this segment but Covid 19 & continued WFH played a spoilsport resulting in several cancellations & conversions to mixed-use/residential. Things are slowly starting to look up, however.


List of the top 10 project proposals in Hyderabad at the time of writing this article :

Data Source : Project Approvals (Environment Clearance & Fire NOC)

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